How we got started

We met the owner of Back Forty Brewing while we were painting a large mural for Axel Row. Doug mentioned he had a similarly sized project in Huntsville, AL. We got to talking and he decided we were the right people for the job. Picture of the finished project below.

The wall dimensions of this project are 100 feet wide by 25feet tall on the left side, gently sloping up to 30feet tall on the right. The corrugated metal here proved a uniquely challenging surface to paint upon, but master artist Shane B proved himself up to the task.

The Concept

Doug approached us with a rough concept (see below).

We were able to take this concept and "run with it" to create something truly head-turning and impactful. In all of our projects we find that the design is crucial to a successful project. We have also found that starting with a customer's concept and having Shane refine it results in a truly wonderful, original mural.

You can see the initial concept (based on an online poster) and a logo.

Enter Shane B

Right away Shane had some ideas on where he could improve the layout and design. Here's one of the first pencil sketches of this. The intention was to add a lot more movement to the design. This separation of beer and astronuat also allowed the artwork to exploit a small loophole in the Huntsville Sign ordinance. We also managed to talk Doug into breaking from the "brand" and include a full earth in the mural.

The idea was to create more movement in the overall layout to allow the viewer's eye to explore the artwork.

Final Rendering

Once we received the go ahead on the slight concept adjustment we got to work digitally mocking up the finished artwork. Shane is mostly working in Procreate/Photoshop here. It should be noted that Shane spends a lot more time painting that he does on these digital mockups. You are paying for a mural, not a piece of digital art. So, these concepts can often be fairly rough.

Project Wrapped Up

This project made the news. We painted with Loop Spray paint and used a topcoat due to the immense amount of sun this wall receives. The mural has been very well received by Huntsville.