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A Mural To Turn Your Business Into A Masterpiece

Everyone wants to get noticed. Everyone wants to stand out. But how do you do it? By going big with Mammoth. Our artwork gives your brand an unforgettable identity that will grab the attention of anyone that sees it. Even if you aren't local to us here in Birmingham, we will come to you. Check below to see how we craft your masterpiece.

Set Yourself Apart

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There's an inherent beauty to hand painted art that can never be replicated by even the finest printer. Put that beauty to work for you.

Mammoth White 1 Go Big

We can paint you a 2'x2' sign for over your door - or the entire side of your building. Don't let size restrictions hold you back. Make a statement that can't be ignored.

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Our artwork can stand the test of time. It isn't just a painting - it's a legacy. Put your footprint on the march of history so you can be remembered.

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Ghost Signs

The sign on your building is a statement on who you are and what your business is about. Shouldn't it be as bold and dynamic as you? Our hand painted signs are designed in concert with your vision, taking your established branding elements and transforming them into memorable artwork that draws in the crowd over and over again. Ready to make a statement?

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Looking to make a bigger impact? Why limit yourself to a sign when you have an entire building as your canvas? Our wall murals create a forceful and compelling impression on everyone that passes by. We work with you to determine what kind of statement you want to make, then craft stunning imagery to bring it to life. Plus, we take care of everything - site prep, painting and cleanup. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the result.

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Do you need a way to bring your people together? Nothing is quite as exciting and just plain fun as uniting to paint a mural. We help design the project, provide all the needed materials and are there to supervise (and even "touch up" as needed) - but your people do the real work of painting. In the process, they gain experience with communication, partnership and the glowing feeling of a job well done, together.

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Want to give your organization a touch of vintage class? With Mammoth's ghost signs, we do the work of years of wear and tear in only a day or two. This creates a weathered, worn look that conveys longevity, commitment and community. Help yourself stand out from the perfectly clean and curated digital world with an old-fashioned sign that speaks to the nostalgia in all of us.

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Why Choose Mammoth

  • Original, custom-designed artwork.
  • A creative team that handles the entire process.
  • Based in Birmingham, but serving clients coast-to-coast.
  • Exacting attention to detail.
  • Art that gets classier with age.
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable materials.
  • A one-year touch up warranty on all work.

Read The Raves About Our Work!

Perfect Service HVAC
Perfect Service HVAC
Andrew and his team did an amazing job with our street sign and mural. Andrew communicates very well via email, phone, & text. It is very obvious by the communication and professionalism that his goal is to offer quality customer service, quality workmanship, a reasonable timeline, and reasonable pricing. Our company could not have picked a better artist/company to hire other than Mammoth Murals & Signs.
sam jackson
sam jackson
Thanks to Mammoth Murals & Signs!!!Awesome job and well done alone with even more awesomeness in professionalism. WorkDOC is definitely showcasing with STYLE!!!
C Mathis
C Mathis
Fast, professional and reasonably priced! We are a sign company in Atlanta and needed a repair to a sign in the Alabama area. They were very helpful and accommodating to our RUSH job. They were able to complete the job the same day! From beginning to end, Mammoth was so easy to deal with. Highly recommend them!
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