Teambuilding Murals

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Teambuilding Murals

An Unforgettable Team Building Experience

Looking for a way to engage your employees and give them a valuable piece of ownership in your business? Our managed team building mural experience makes that possible. Working in concert with you, we help to design a mural that shows off your business, but we don't paint it - that we leave to your team.

We provide the paint, materials and experience. Your crew provides the art. The experience provides the camaraderie. We promise to make this process easy for you and your team, to make sure you can execute the project flawlessly.

Morale, Motivation & Memories To Spare

Coming together to paint a mural is an extraordinary experience for any team. But what do you get out of it besides the experience? Here are a few of the ways one of our team building mural projects can pay off for your business.

  • Morale - Looking to keep your employees happy and engaged? Activities like this go a long way toward showing you care about their well-being, and in turn they'll work harder for you.
  • Communication - You can't have everyone working toward the same goal without effective communication. Our murals can help your team master the fine art of talking one another through problems and achieving success.
  • Creativity - It's easy to get stuck in a rut doing the same thing all the time. Not only can your team unleash their creativity on the mural, but it will supercharge their imagination to apply to their roles later.
  • Leadership - Who on your team has what it takes to be a leader in your organization? Team building exercises instinctively reveal traits of those with a skill for leadership.

See How It Works In Action!

We recently completed a project at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Click the link below to read about the feeling it created on campus!

The UAB Reporter - This new mural in Health Professions fosters feelings of joy, unity and pride.

Experience The Mammoth Difference

  • For your project to be a success, you need experience behind it. We've got it. Over the course of hundreds of murals and signs, we've established a process that is nearly foolproof.
  • With our projects, you don't have to worry about cleanup. We'll take care of all of that, including properly disposing of all supplies and hauling off everything else. What isn't used we do our best to recycle.
  • We believe that the right conditions allow anyone to succeed. That's what we create for you and your team. An environment where everyone feels comfortable completing the task and expressing themselves. Plus, if we need to, we can come in behind and clean everything up so the final project looks its best.
How long does a project like this typically take?
Ultimately, the design scope and size of the artwork will determine that. The design of a project can take anywhere from two to ten weeks depending on the stakeholders involved in the design. The actual painting of the mural will generally run between one and two weeks.
How high up can students, staff and faculty paint?
This is a very important topic to cover. Students, staff and faculty can not go up a step ladder over four feet without proper fall protection and training. For this reason, we plan on your team painting the lowest eight to nine feet of the artwork. In our experience, most folks are less inclined to work on a ladder.

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One Team, One Masterpiece

Bringing your staff together into an effective team is one of the most powerful force multipliers your business can employ. One of our mural projects will create a sense of joined purpose, one that will jump back into their minds every time they see the finished work. If you're ready to get started, send us a message online or call us at 205-914-3140 today!