Mural & Sign Painting Pricing

The Price Of A Wall Mural Installation Depends On Many Factors

We base our pricing on the time and materials required to do the job right. Artwork complexity, wall access, surface condition and colors all influence the cost of a mural (among other things). However, when you’re purchasing a mural you also get:

  • Artwork that ages gracefully (unlike vinyl).
  • One year touch-up warranty.
  • Showcase the surface of your wall.

Our Most Basic Projects Range From $1,000 to $5,000

These wall mural projects vary greatly in complexity but the vast majority of them we were able to paint off of a ladder with minimal wall prep work.

The detail of the artwork, surface type and colors will all influence this price. Typical projects of this scope are less than 400 square feet.

Generally Wall Mural Jobs Outside Of The Above Scope Start At $5,000 & Go Up

These jobs almost always require an aerial lift of some kind, need a significant amount of wall preparation and involve several weeks to even months of painting time.

Mammoth is confident working at height and we possess all necessary certifications to operate aerial lifts successfully.

The Best Way To Determine Pricing Of Your Wall Mural Project Is To Contact Us

Since every project is different, with varying needs and requirements, the only foolproof way to determine pricing is to schedule a consultation and let us know how Mammoth can help. Give us a call at 205-914-3140 or click the button below today!

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