Ghost Signs

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Ghost Signs

Hand-Painted Murals & Signs Of A Different Vintage

Anyone who's driven through a city with a lot of history has seen a "ghost sign" or two. These signs are time capsules into days of yore and glimpses of what was. They serve as a reminder of when things were built to last. But did you know you can bring that same sense of weight and history to your business with a custom-painted ghost sign?

Mammoth can design your new sign or wall mural to have the same telltale features we expect from these sentinels of the past. This worn, faded and vintage look will give your business a sense of history and longevity that customers will appreciate.

A Simple Style That Generates Real Emotion

Here are some of the benefits of giving your new mural or sign the "ghost sign" look:

  • Sense of longevity - These aged, faded signs create the feeling that your business has been around a long time, which speaks to your quality and experience.
  • Classic look - Everything old is new again, and nostalgia for simpler times is always welcome. A ghost sign can create that effect for you.
  • Stand out - A large wall mural on its own will get people to notice you. The vintage effect of a ghost sign can make you even more noticeable to future clients.

Let A Sense Of The Past Guide Your Future

Give your building a bold new identity and sense of history with a custom-designed ghost sign. Schedule a phone call with us for a quick, 100% free consultation so we can discuss your project's goals and scope. We look forward to getting started!