Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Answered

How Much Does A Painted Mural Cost?

Our mural pricing page can offer you more detail around cost. Generally our mural projects start at $20/square foot and go up from there.

Do I Need To Buy Paint For You?

Nope. We've searched far and wide and use the highest quality, low VOC paint available. It is very light fast (resistant to fading) and great for the environment. Plus, we recycle our paint cans - including spray paint!

Do I Need To Rent A Lift For You?

No, but thank you. We are OSHA-licensed lift operators and have accounts with every lift rental company in the business. Unless you have one on location already, we'll handle this detail for you. This also gives us the right to refuse a malfunctioning and unsafe lift, making the job safer for everyone.

Do You Paint Logos?

Design 'em, paint 'em and adapt 'em to the format - just a fancy way of saying we can adjust for irregular sizes. Hand painted murals and signs are a fun and eco-friendly way to show off your logo. We'll even match your custom colors for you.

How Much Does A Hand Painted Sign Cost?

Our signage pricing page will tell you what you can expect to pay, and why. Colors, size and access are the primary factors in cost. Typically, signs start at $250 and go up.

How Long Will My Artwork Last?

Many factors affect the longevity of painted artwork, but we use the best materials available to help the artwork last for as long as possible.

What Surfaces Can You Paint On?

Most building materials - masonry, concrete, sheetrock, wood - make great surfaces for murals. But we're up for anything! Schedule a consultation and let us know what you've got and we'll let you know if we can make it work.

Are Your Products Eco-friendly?

Absolutely, we have very limited waste from start to finish on our products, especially compared to the vinyl alternative. We re-use and recycle just about every material we use in a project. We recycle our spray paint cans, reuse our paint buckets and cans and recycle our patterns - the stencils we create to aid in layout.

Do You Take Out-Of-State Projects?

Yes! Mammoth Murals & Signs is based in Birmingham, Alabama, but we are happy to travel anywhere in the United States for a great project. Schedule a consultation with us to discuss what you have in mind.