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Advertising Murals

Transform Bland & Boring Walls Into Magnificent Hand Painted Murals

If you're looking for Birmingham's premiere mural painting team, you've come to the right place. Mammoth takes empty walls and remakes them as beautiful works of art that connect with your customers and bring them back again and again. Mural marketing is cost-effective, has incredible return on investment and is a brilliant way to show off your business to customers old and new. Give your marketing a makeover and beautify your building with a stunning and unforgettable burst of creativity.

How An Advertising Mural Can Benefit You & Your Business

Obviously the biggest benefit to an original, hand painted mural is just that - it's original. Nobody else's business will have the same look as yours - granting you instant and long-lasting recognition. We aren't interested in drab marketing materials or screen-printed lameness. We look at each mural as a museum-worthy work of art; it just happens to be decorating your wall instead of the Louvre. But the advantages don't stop there:

  • Fit To Your Space - It doesn't matter the size, shape or scope of your wall - we can make it a masterpiece. Our designs take the layout of your space into account and use it in creative ways.
  • Lifespan - A big plus to having a hand painted mural is how long it will last. We use fade resistant paints that will stand up to sunlight, and the longer your sign is around, the more character it gets with age.
  • Versatility - Whatever material was used for your building, we can paint on it. Wood, brick, metal - our artwork can adapt while maintaining the same vivid beauty.
  • Designed For You - Any artist can come up with a gorgeous design. But it takes time and intense effort to develop something that truly puts your story into the art. Everything we do is geared toward showing off the personalities of you and your business.

Why Work With Mammoth?

  • Our work stands the test of time. We use high-quality, fade-resistant paints so your mural will last as long as the wall is standing. We don't just paint signs. We craft legacies.
  • We believe in doing exceptional work. Every mural we paint reflects on us - our creativity, our drive, our artistic skill. We bring everything we've got to every project, and that care pays off for you.
  • You get to enjoy the benefits of a wall mural without the stress. We keep you involved in every phase of the project, but we do the heavy lifting ourselves. From equipment rental and prep all the way through cleanup and recycling, we've got you.

Have Questions About Murals? Find The Answers Here

Why would I buy a custom mural or sign when people can just find my website?
They can find everyone else's website, too. With millions and millions of pages online, it's very easy to get lost in the crowd. But there are also thousands of people who will drive past your business everyday who will see your mural - and if it doesn't get them to pull over, it'll definitely have them specifically searching for you online.
What is the advantage to having a painted mural as opposed to printed wall art?
Quality. Every digitally printed sign around is working from a basic unit - pixels. Whatever the resolution, there's always going to be something artificial that cuts through the beauty of the work. With a hand painted mural, everything is alive and urgent. Every brush stroke came from someone's hand. It's subtle, but your customers can feel the difference.

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Treat Yourself To A Marketing Masterpiece

It can be a chore to stand out in an ever-growing, ever-changing marketplace. Sometimes the best solutions for the future can be found in the past. Forget digital printing and assembly-line graphics. Go old school. Let one of our murals create an unforgettable experience for your customers. We're ready to go when you are. Schedule a consultation online or give us a call at 205-914-3140 today!