About Mammoth Murals & Signs

Wall Murals Are More Than Just Paint. They're Opportunity.

Companies often get caught up in the best way to advertise. They think about billboards, TV ads, social media. What they forget is that everyone does that. It's hard to stand out in the crowd when that crowd is all doing the same thing. You have to think outside of the box - and away from the crowd. You have to think about something new. That's where we come in. A wall mural is memorable. Different. Distinctive. Just like your business.

Connecting With Your Clients Doesn't Have To Be Complicated

Mammoth was born of an idea that artwork should be big, beautiful and leave its mark just like the giant woolly creatures of old. Andrew and Shane teamed up in 2019 to bring this idea to life.

Shane is a certified painting wizard (I mean just look at this stuff) with decades of painting experience under his belt. Andrew focuses on the business side (or as we call it, upside) for out clients. Together we’ve been able to help people connect with and wow their customers in a whole new way.

Though based in Birmingham, Alabama, the Mammoth team can travel for jobs across the country. So whether you're right down the street from our home office or thousands of miles away, we've got you - and your walls - covered.

Mural Marketing Mastery At Your Disposal

Painted signs and murals provide a unique look that sets apart every business that invests in it. It’s also the advertising that never quits. We paint it and it goes to work for you, day in and day out, as it slowly ages gracefully.

Make a bold statement. It all starts today. Message us online or call us at 205-914-3140 to discover the life-changing impact of custom wall art!